This blog describes my search for truth: my life travels since the start of my global pilgrimage in my 18's, and what I learnt from them.
West India. January - March 2012
India's West Coast

Mother India

Thank you Gondwanaland!

In no way can one put into words the infinite sacredness and overwhelming beauty of life. India broke my walls, severed my ropes. Never had I been faced with such bold and striking truth.

I had the chance to experiment with radical life situations. Living on the road with no possessions, no money, and offering my trust to the world. It was rough, and it was beautiful. Everyone was beautiful. Every moment was sacred. Thank you, India.

Thank you Goa, thank you Gondwanaland, thank you forest Gurus and cave-dwellers, thank you amazing communities that make the world a holy place. I will be back.