This blog describes my search for truth: my life travels since the start of my global pilgrimage in my 18's, and what I learnt from them.
Yangshuo, China. November 2010 - October 2011

Master Huang's Taichi School

Taichi taught me how to move. Taichi taught me how to walk. It taught me how to stand. It taught me how to see. It taught me agility, it taught me slowness. Feather-lightness and boulder-weight. Sharp alertness and inner peace. The Tao redefined me. It taught me how to be.

Master Huang is on the left, Dominique, a close Taichi brother, in the center, and I'm on the right. My eternal gratitude towards this school and teaching.

Yangshuo Raft Home

A handmade bamboo raft home in which I lived for ten days, floating southward from Yangshuo.

Hubei Province, China. August 2011
Wudang Mountain

Mount Wudang

The birthplace of countless chinese martial arts, spiritual practices, taichi schools, taoist temples, even kung fu movies. The great, the holy, Wudang.

Henan Province, China. August 2011

Chen Village

A long time ago in this mythical village, a miracle took place. Taichi was born. The original style was founded by the Chen Family and the lineage has survived until today. A competition takes place here every year, gathering thousands of Taichi masters from around the world.

Southern China. July 2011
dragons backbone rice terraces

Chinese Local Life

Jammin' with my brother and the local musicians, teaching English in a village school, and exploring the jawdropping rice terraces in Guilin's mountains. Life is good!

Shandong, China. September - December 2010
Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Academy

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Academy

Training and living with Shaolin Kung Fu masters in remote mountains - the chinese way! Unforgettable way of life.