Tibetan Abode

Dharamshala, India. October 2020

Tibetan Abode

Clouds of heavenly dew! Tears of joy! Buckets of fortune! Oxcarts of delight! Sacks of godliness! Treefulls of merry monkeys fill my uplifted heart! And meager metaphors fill my attempted introduction, but no language can come close to describing the blessed fortune I’ve been granted by the world.

I’ve reached the goal. Dharamshala, or specifically Mcleod Ganj, home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. Countless monasteries of monks and nun who have graciously been given a new homeland by India after having risked their lives to escape Chinese prosecution.

Dharamshala has been the intended destination of my 4-year walk since day 1. It literally means school of Dharma, school of spirituality. So the next phase in my practice, after the longest walk, will be the longest sitting: learning to settle myself down, to challenge this nomadic spirit for the time being and stay put until my knowledge of Tibetan language, culture, and Dharma is sufficient to have a clear and comprehensive view on this wonderful path they call Mahayana.

Mahayana can be translated as the big boat. The idea is to build a ship large enough to take any being who wishes for happiness across the oceans of suffering. And actually, all beings wish for happiness. It’s gonna be a pretty big boat. As big as the hearts of the sages who conjured such beautiful intentions. I think it’s cool.

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