The China less heard of

Xinjiang Province

is one of the most censored regions in the world. Very little information comes out. This is China out of China, it is Muslim, it is Tajik-speaking, and it’s the most remote part of this giant civilization.

It is in fact so remote that in recent years the central government has radically decided to make it more… central. What’s exactly going on here is hard to imagine for our western minds – apart from those of us who might have lived in USSR. Or occupied Tibet, or North Korea… but on top of that, technology is now at its peak, giving a whole new scope to the level of surveillance.

Travelling at foot’s pace means I saw a lot, I learnt a lot, more than what I could possibly have hoped for… I lived a lot of crazy stories and had an awesome time. And for me the lesson was deep: to face every situation, no matter how complex, with all-encompassing love and clear vision, which is China’s own ancient philosophy of the Tao.

On top of my parents towards whom I will always owe endless gratitude, I am a child of Tao. Tao brought me up, it made me who I am. It made me tolerant and peaceful, it gave me the gift of love towards all beings. It is thanks to Tao that I made it through such a place as Xinjiang province with open arms, an open heart, and the thrill of adventure – I loved every bit!

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