Kumbha Mela

Haridwar, India. April 2021

Kumbha Mela

Dear you, dear me, dear us as one, Ommmmmmmmm. We are one.

I may appear distant. I may appear to take months answering your messages. All you beloved friends who make the essence of life… I’m not too distant actually: we are one. And on top of being one, I am online again, after two months of phonelessness, netlessness, and Yogic connectedness. Back from the trip to Kumbha Mela, this sacred Hindu gathering that can’t be described in words.

The trip there and back was 1000 km on foot. Not that big a deal… But what was life-changing was how it was done. We had never been moneyless for very long before… We had never taken the orange robes and abandoned the layperson’s life to go into monkhood. That’s what we were. Yi and I were wandering monks. And the fact it was temporary rather than a commitment for life didn’t hinder the experience in the least: in fact, it enhanced both sides. Spirituality can’t be separated from the material world – they are both expressions of truth.

Thinking they are separate is like thinking you need to be a hermit in a cave in order to find happiness or truth. Truth is everywhere, love is everywhere, in every one of our activities, in every lifestyle, in every rupee, in every smile, in every step of every path, in every breath. So don’t forget to breathe. Sit down, breathe and feel the breath. It is our guide, always with us.

Love was in every one of the people who invited us along the road, from all scopes of life. Absolutely everything was given to us. Food, lodging, clothing, money, spiritual guidance, caring company, so many chai’s we couldn’t count, nights in temples, in ascetic Baba tents, in family homes that took us like their children, in smooth-rock river settings or forested havens under the moon, in the womb of mother nature.

We left with nothing and came back with everything.

Towards all of you reading this, Yi and I would like to express our deepest thanks. We owe it to you, we owe it to the world. You are the source of our happiness. Thank you.