go down

Rest in a corner and call it a day
Or be like a beacon and show us the way

Wherever it leads you, follow your road
Freedom will feed you and carry your load

to-do list

No seriously, living with less is fun as hell!

You can travel the world. You can be your own boss. You are free as the wind: you don't have a warehouse full of remnants that you are attached to. So you got fired? a what, a crisis? pesky landlords? a drought? Who cares, just pack your stuff and on you go. Somewhere else will find you.

cartoon monkey
path to happiness

Minimal living means discarding everything in your life that doesn't contribute to happiness. What is left, then? Happiness. If you want fun advice on how to live for free in a way that respects the world, check out tiny thoughts on minimal living. It includes eating, travelling, clothing, dealing with medical issues, and moral questions.