Our first steps as Sadhus

Dharamshala, India. February 2021

Our first steps as Sadhus

After 6 months of sedentary life in the town of Dharamshala, northern India, I’m finally taking the road again. Or, to be exact, both of us are taking the road, and in a quite a different way then my experiences so far.

It’s only 500 km to Haridwar, where the Kumbha Mela is being hosted. The largest Hindu gathering in the world… sometimes proclamed as the largest human gathering altogether. Quite an event. We know the destination will be memorable. But the trip there, maybe even more so: we’re leaving home without a rupee, without any type of bank card, without a phone, and without anything more than what we can fit inside our humble bag – paper maps, water bottles, a blanket or two, a floor mat, an almsbowl…

Leaving without money means living off whatever is given to us. We may call it blind faith in karma, blind trust in the universe: I believe we’ll get what we deserve. If we go hungry, we deserve to go hungry. If we get showered in offerings, we deserve a shower of offerings.

Yi and I, two momentary wandering ascetics, or Sadhus as we would call them in India, experimenting a lifestyle where instead of material gain, every breath, every step, is dedicated to awareness. Simple present moment awareness.

So if you are reading this message, first of all thank you friend, and second, please take an instant, however brief, to sink your shoulders, settle your spine, relax your gaze, and feel your breath… Let it flow in pure awareness and see how long it lasts…

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