First steps in Western China

Xinjiang Province, China. September 2019

First steps in Western China

I’ve always loved China. Since my youngest years I had a special connection with this country and its culture. But this time I have to say, I saw another side. Quite a darker side, that we usually only hear about distantly in the news. Before stepping into Xinjiang Province, I had an idea what was going on, and so I took the firm resolution: no matter what happens, I will express love and love only towards the authorities and towards everyone I meet. This will transform what could have been a one-month unbearable struggle into a valuable spiritual practice.

And I passed! I still love the country in every way. I personally had a great time hiding from the police, sneaking behind security cameras and setting camp with no headlamp at midnight in ditches, eyeing police patrols from a distance. I had my healthy does of adrenaline! But I did go through the most oppressed society I’ve ever seen. What can I do, apart from bringing love? Adding a bit of light to the darkness and trust to the trustless. And hope. Because there is hope. A society based on a majority of unhappy people is bound to collapse, because no matter how glittery the top of the pyramid is, its base is flimsy. It’s just a matter of time, it will all fall down.

So in the meantime, let’s enjoy these 3000m high camels, let’s wonder how the hell did they get here, lets bathe with yaks and breathe heavenly air in turquoise lakes surrounded by pristine white sand dunes, lets drink free soybean milk and eat bagfuls of fruit – because the locals, to be honest, are so amazingly kind-hearted that they invite you even with the risk of getting caught by the police. Yes, it’s illegal, by the way.

Anyway I cannot describe the grandness of nature that no man can alter. Societies will come and go, but this will always be. Be blessed. So thank you for reading, and may you be as grand as the grandness of nature.

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