After more than 3 months working here, I am finally walking out of Van tomorrow, and soon out of Turkey. I could not possibly disappear from this hostel without leaving a trace. Here is my trace. I will be gone, but Jah will live on. One love.

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  1. Heeeeeey! Dude you can’t imagine how happy am I that I found you! (I lost your card and searched for Hermit Crab on facebook a lot instead of googling it!) Did you pass Iran or still there? I was thinking of you for many days after leaving Van. I have just one main question, how did you opened your eyes for first time?

  2. Awesome, I’m glad to hear that! An I’m glad you found me again. I am still in Van, Turkey, but will be leaving tomorrow. I’ll get to Iran in one week, then Armenia, Georgia, Russia…

    How did I open my eyes for the first time? The initial spark was a kind of message from the beyond. One day, this realization just hit me: this is my life, no one elses, I am free and I do whatever I want with it. So I went to China for spiritual practices, and there the inner change just kept on flowering and I really became a new person.

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