walk with mom

A 20-day walk with Mom

Some people think you need to be an orphan or an outcast in order to quit your home and take life to the road. No you don’t. I’ve been away for almost 2 years, yet relations with my family are stronger than ever, we still love each other, we still see each other. Not that I come “home” to see them, no, they come to see my life on the road, and it makes for the most beautiful experiences.

Here is the story of my mom who joined me on my walking trip from Sevan, Armenia to Tbilisi, Georgia.

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  1. Cher Benjamin
    comme ton papa, ta maman et bien d’autres, je suis tes aventures avec beaucoup d’intérêt (et d’affection) … Je te félicite pour les initiatives que tu as prises, sages, intelligentes, et réfléchies…
    Bonne année, bonne hiver russe
    Je t’embrasse
    Jean-Claude, ton grand père qui t’aime

  2. Hello Ben,
    Great to see you Eva! Clearly you are on a journey, in more ways than one. I absolutely loved all your posts. Look forward to more.


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