the place in between

Kyrgyzstan, November 2018

The Place in Between

To my close friends, far relatives, those who have brought me water on the road and allowed me to live, those who have kept me well fed, warm at night, dry in times of storm, those who follow my story from near or afar, providing encouragement and good vibes to keep me going… Hallelujah! Habdulilah! I bless you all.

I joyfully managed to avoid the scorching heat of the Kazakh plains, only to find myself, before I knew it, in fluffly white wonderland. After this beautiful 5-month relationship I wave goodbye to my friend Kazakhstan, now finding myself at the junction between the world’s flattest plains and its gnarliest peaks. At the foot of the Tian Shan mountain range, the beginning of the Himalayas. Seeing both extremes, it’s… nice. I like it. I think it can lead to seeing the middle.

As of now my home is Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, where I will spend 5 wintery months before tackling the Himalayas when the season lets me, a high path that will lead me from China to Pakistan, and finally, yes, India. Not many countries left, I must say I’m scared!

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  1. love love love man!!! so good to see you from time to time. Keep it up. Keep safe. Keep shining. But I think there is no need to say that. Thank you for being who you are! such an inspiration. I feel blessed to have met you!

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