the beginning is the end

L’├éne Vert, Morocco. April 2014

The Beginning is the End

…and the end is the beginning. Being complete means being at the beginning, yet knowing that the end is not elsewhere, in space or in time.

I migrated there and I migrated back. I made my little loop, I completed a cycle. I donated The Hermit Crab to the l’Ane Vert community in Morocco and made my way back to Switzerland pulling a little cart behind me that I built by African standards: rusty iron rods and junk wheels hammered together with scrap wood and nails. I then walked, hitchhiked, took local buses, trains, and a boat to cross morocco, Spain, and France. By some miracle, my rusty cart held together until 10 minutes before getting home!

So here I am, at the starting point, without bike or crab, the same as before it even started. And yet, I have something more. Understanding of the cyclical nature of life, and the world. Birth and death is the same process. Materially, you end up just where you started, no difference. You may find that despairing, and you’d be right. The material world, stripped from spirit, is pointless and despairing. That’s why we are scared of death, that’s why we wear seatbelts. But if we look into this cyclical nature of life, we start to touch its underlying spiritual side. It is not pointless at all, or despairing – it is in fact rich, and beautiful, and deep beyond words. Like all of us, I am more than just my body. I am a cycle, and nothing will stop that cycle.

Thank you for listening folks, and may whatever come!

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