container home

North-West Turkey, April 2017


Yes it’s official, the world is trustworthy! It always gives you what you need, when you need it. Even when the situation seems hopeless. The only thing you have to do is trust it: it’s easier than it seems. I had pouring rain, heaps of snow, mud, slush, and freezing wind almost every night for a week. First, I worried. How in the world will I pitch my tent in this mess? But now, I trust. The world is taking care of me, because every one of those nights miracles appeared out of nowhere, like this abandoned Unicef shipping container which made a very dry and comfy home.

not alone

Northwest Turkey, April 2017

I may be crazy. But not alone.

It’s ever-so-rare that anyone walks with me for more than a mile. Well this time, my brother Jonas walked 120 km with me as we exited Istanbul out into the Turkish wilderness. We slept all over the place and lived the real gipsy life! Of course everyone thought we were crazy, but we found the greatest respect in every encounter we made. Beautiful country, beautiful people.


Istanbul, Turkey. April 2017


People often ask me about my family. “Do they even know you’re doing this? It must be horrible for them!” Actually, not only do they know, but they come and see me on the road and we have amazing times together! Istanbul was one of these places where I gave myself a walking deadline so we could meet with my mom and brother. One week of meditating in the mosques, playing music, dancing in the streets, and sleeping in a bed was a real change in lifestyle! However, as the photo suggests, walking out of such a huge city was a challenge. It took my brother and I two days, one sleepless night, 63 km of walking in order to simply find a green space to set camp.


No Man’s Land, March 2017

Hello Turkey!

The most significant border crossing in my trip, exiting europe after almost a year of travel, into the total unknown. It was such a blessed day. First, it cost me a few hours of persistence to cross the no man’s land bridge, guarded by the army and loaded with dynamite. Yes, they can blow you up at the touch of a button! But with great difficulty comes great reward. The first town I cross, İpsala, gave me a good introduction to the country: I walk into a café just looking to make an online update, and instead I am invited for countless teas, turkish delights, a visit to the mosque, a beautiful meal, hours of laughter and conversation, a night in a students’ flat and even a marriage proposal! Hello Turkey!


North-East Greece, March 2017


That’s the number of reasons I have to celebrate life. I was along the sea when my distance counter hit that number, so I had myself an ecstatic beach party. Good thing I’m alone!

Peace is my Weapon

North-East Greece, March 2017

Peace is my Weapon

It is so common to think that other people have the ability to harm you. Along my road, everyone told me Albania was dangerous. Actually, it was the place with the most generous heart-warming people I’ve ever seen. And now they tell me I will have trouble in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan… They may be right, I may have trouble. But what they fail to see is that we are masters of our fate, we are not human we are gods. If negative things happen to us, it is due to negativity in our mindset, nothing else. We can change our minds and change the world.

So my practice is turning my mind into peace, pure love towards those around me. I know with such a mindset, I am safe even in a minefield. Crossing dangerous zones will just be a test of how peaceful I can keep my mind in any situation. This white flag is now always on my cart, and people who see me from afar will know my intention is clear: I come in peace.

joyful encounters

East Coast of Greece, February 2017

Joyful Encounters

The Greek beaches in February are deserted! It’s not every day you make an encounter like this one. This is Daniel, a real joy to meet, and we have a lot in common. We have two wheels, we love the unknown, we camp absolutely anywhere, and our next 5000 km will be on the same road! He started from his home in England: he’s going to China, I’m going to India. But at a different pace, obviously. You can follow him here, if you dig his style like I do.


East Coast of Greece, February 2017

Thermopiles Hot Springs

This is the middle of winter, right? Even in Greece, that makes it very complicated for me to wash myself, to wash my clothing. But just this one night, a miracle happened… This river I was crossing, coming down from a snow-capped mountain, just happened to be steaming hot. Of course I decided to sleep here! And I started the day by dipping into this wonder, at 6 am, under the moon-lit sky, and alone in the world. It felt like making love to nature. I can hardly believe it happened.