Peace is my Weapon

North-East Greece, March 2017

Peace is my Weapon

It is so common to think that other people have the ability to harm you. Along my road, everyone told me Albania was dangerous. Actually, it was the place with the most generous heart-warming people I’ve ever seen. And now they tell me I will have trouble in Iran, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan… They may be right, I may have trouble. But what they fail to see is that we are masters of our fate, we are not human we are gods. If negative things happen to us, it is due to negativity in our mindset, nothing else. We can change our minds and change the world.

So my practice is turning my mind into peace, pure love towards those around me. I know with such a mindset, I am safe even in a minefield. Crossing dangerous zones will just be a test of how peaceful I can keep my mind in any situation. This white flag is now always on my cart, and people who see me from afar will know my intention is clear: I come in peace.

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