paolo the guy

Goris, Armenia. October 2017

Paolo the guy

It was a joy to come across this guy. Paolo also walks across countries, but with a 16 kilo backpack instead of my 90 kilo cart. Simplicity is his way to life. Most travelers take photos: Paolo doesn’t. Instead, he has two eyes, and he sees. Most outdoor junkies carry a water filter and cooking gear: again, Paolo doesn’t. Instead, he has a mouth, and he eats. Most men shave: obviously, Paolo doesn’t. Instead, he just looks like Sasquatch. But above all, most people care, whereas Paolo doesn’t. Instead, he laughs, fools around, and enjoys life.

We met for 10 minutes, but it was enough to find out he is not a guy, he is a mirror for truth. I see in him the boy I used to be when I first discovered the Tao, 7 years ago, and was living it with every step. Ever since, I have to admit I accumulated things: not only possessions, but a personality, an ambition, an image of myself. I am someone now, someone on a mission, and being someone adds layers of ego. But this simple guy reminds me of the real path to happiness. In the pursuit of knowledge, everyday something is added. In the pursuit of freedom, everyday something is dropped.

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