Kurdistan, July 2017

Lake Van

I am finally a semi-permanent resident in the city of Van, Turkey. Crossing Turkish Kurdistan was no easy task: I had my share of death threats, of fears, of gunshots. I’ve slept everywhere from mosques to police stations, from beaches to dumpsters. But I am ok, my body in one piece, my mind recovering. I’ve now been volunteering at Van’s Backpacker’s Hostel for a month, living the local life. I have another 2 months here before making my way through Iran, when the weather will allow it. At 1640 meters high, the soda-salt Lake Van makes for a blessed exeperience, with cool and breezy weather even in the middle of July, when the plains are scorching hot. This is the perfect time to recharge my batteries, do my paperwork, find fresh new tires, fresh new shoes, and a fresh new mind for the 5000 kilometers awaiting me.

One tiny thought on “lake-van

  1. Ben! It’s good to see you my friend. I found your business that you gave me and remember you in Van. I don’t know if you remember me, I’m roscoe from Philippines, I was in Van’s Backpacker’s Hostel for a few days. Anyway, I’m back home now and I’m going to work tomorrow. Cool website! Be safe and enjoy your trip. Since you don’t have facebook, here my small blog. I don’t got a change to updates in my blog but hopefully I will soon. I see Allan is with you on the picture. Say hello to everyone in Van Backpacker’s Hostel for me.

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