North-West Kazakhstan, June 2018


Having crossed the bit of Russia that I needed, I am now in the largest country ever that no one knows a thing about. Land of mixed faces, camel milk, wild horses, desert wolves, and barren untouched plains that go on for thousands of miles… Land of extremes where scorching sun and deathly cold peak at +50 and -50 Celsius. Land of extreme hospitality too, where 9 year-old boys invite me to their parent’s humble homes for dinner, a bucket shower, and a night’s sleep on the family rug. Land where Borat has never set foot.

However enchanting the desert may be, and however meditative it is to walk for days without seeing a house, I’d rather avoid the dryest part of the country at the hottest time of the year. I’d rather live all the way through Kazakhstan! That means during the next 2 months, I am settling down, teaching English in a Kazakh school, working in web design, and recovering my feet. After which I will complete my walk from Kandyagash, a humble town with loving people, headed south-east towards Kyrgyzstan and China.

One tiny thought on “kazakhstan-camel-land

  1. Hello! I am not very good at English but I want to say thank you for your stories, I realy enjoy reading them. You were in my sity, Atyrau, 3 month ago and when you were there many newspaper, famous instagram page wrote about you. People were very surprised how friendly and strong you are. You inspired me very much. I wish you will reach India as soon as possible and on the way you will meet good people. Good luck!

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