cops are friends

South-East Turkey, May 2017

Cops are Friends

When a police car stops, it’s not to ask for my passport: it’s to ask if I’m ok. It’s not to give me a hard time, it’s to give me food. When they bring me to the police station, it’s not for interrogation, it’s for lunch. They ask if I have a tent, not to fine me but to make sure I’ll be ok at night.

Imray and Sekeria were two of those sweet-hearted officers. They even gave me a rose. “We stand for peace, just like you do with your white flag. Our very job is to maintain peace. In fact, you can document this encounter and show the world that we, the police in Eastern Turkey, are here for everyone’s well-being.” So here it is, I’m documenting this encounter, and with so much gratitude.

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