Sevan, Northern Armenia. November 2017

Armenia. Land where everything is normal.

And that’s what I love about it. Some people frown. Some people laugh. Some invite you in for the night. Some ask questions, some just don’t care. Little by little, I’m picking up this mindset – no obligations, no constraint, just being how you are without a care. I met this bull who decided that the countryside isn’t for him, and here he is, living in the city of Sevan. Just standing on the road. Nobody cares, cars just go around him without even a horn. This is normal here, because it’s normal here to do what you want.

The Armenian economy has been going downhill since the fall of the Soviet Union. People shrug it off and just live their normal lives. If they can’t buy what they want because there’s no store, they just make it themselves. Their food, their houses, their vehicles, everything they need. Take 3 wrecked cars and make one that runs. I am amazed by this simple-mindedness.

Let me share this common greeting with you – it really makes me laugh. Instead of asking you if you’re doing good, they ask you “You feeling normal, or what?” “Yeah, comrade, more normal than ever”

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